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Download Tv Paint Animation 10 Profesional Edition Full Versi

TV Paint Animation Profesional Edition adalah software editor gambar berbasis pixel berkinerja tinggi dengan penekanan kuat pada animasi dan efek khusus. TV Paint Animation Profesional Edition dirancang khusus untuk : studio animasi, studio bioskop, desainer video game, chanel TV, dan lain-lain.
Dengan kemampuan untuk menetapkan hampir setiap fungsi untuk hotkey, menyimpan preset dan menciptakan skrip yang kuat dan macro, antarmuka TV Paint Animation dapat dioptimalkan sesuai dengan alur kerja dari setiap pengguna. TV Paint Animation Profesional Editor tidak terbatas pada ukuran maupun panjangnya durasi. Dengan TV Paint Animation  Profesional membuat gambar digital 2D dan animasi tradisional kini menjadi lebih menyenangkan. Adapu fitur-fitur yang ada pada software TV Paint Animation Profesional Edition adalah :
Animation :
- Groups can be used to organize layers, sound tracks and clips (storyboard elements). Layers and sound tracks in the same group can be moved synchronously.
- instances can be automatically created when moving in the layer.
- move, insert and copy your images selection anywhere in a layer, with a simple drag and drop.
- Faux-fixe uses now 3 modes : repeat, ping-pong and random
- a Mark image panel has been added : it allows you to mark your images with different colors, in order to make the difference between keys, breakdown... And you can even name your instances !

Storyboard :
- Clips (storyboard's elements) can be disable : they are not visible when playing the animatic, but are still usable, if needed.
- you can edit your storyboard's duration by stretching the clips.
- storyboards can be printed in PDF.
- the camera tool now contains 4/3 borders : very useful for people working on 16/9 projects that can be converted in 4/3.

Drawing :
- a new panel is available with many custom brushes : paint roll, watercolor, Chinese brush...
- new drawing modes are available, such as the "Smear source" mode, that allows you to make "painted rotoscopy".
- the "picker" and "mixer" tabs from the color panel can be resized as you like !
- the drawing recorder can record a drawing on the current layer, so you keep transparency.
- resize your drawing tools with the key [Z]
- the Sketch Panel RGB contains new tools, whose a "black eye", that hides colored lines and show only black lines during 1 second.

Interface :
- colors scheme changed, the layer stack is better, menus are shorter (very useful for people working on a little screen).
- rooms changed and : one is even dedicated to corrections (very useful for teachers and professionals)
- the export panel has been improved.

Others :
- a history is now available and you can even mark the steps. This panel allows you to navigate and recover all previously made actions, from the opening of your current TVPaint Animation session.
- a stopwatch with an audible metronome allows you to mark the musique's beat.
- the FX stack allows you now to apply FX on several layers, on a group, on instances' head only etc...
- a new FX is available : the shaker
- a "new layer" panel has been added to create layers with special behaviors, position, group, name etc...

Langsung  saja buat sobat yang tertarik dengan TV Paint Animation Profesional Edition full versi, silahkan sobat klik link di bawah ini :

TVPaint Animation Pro Edition

software ini tidak membutuhkan serial number ataupun crack, sobat tinggal menjalankannya dan TV Paint Animation Profesional Edition full  versi kini sudah menjadi milik sobat. software ini bisa digunakan untuk windows 32 bit dan 64 bit. enjoyyyyy

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